Hosted Voice Services

Most business people know that the PBX systems are antiquated in today’s world. Companies are no longer tied to physical telephone systems that experts have to come out to service. With internet based voice delivery, the options are endless. It is often easier to give understandable real world examples:

1. You need to make a call to your boss, who is in a different city, but you are out on the golf course, no problem. Your cell phone can be programmed to show your office number as your Caller ID!

2. For construction companies who start very early in the day, if you want to receive customer calls that are made to your desk, before your office is open, a schedule can be made to have all early calls to ring to your cell.

3. If you never want to miss a call, a forward can be made so that after your desk phone rings 3 times, the call is forwarded to your cell phone.

4. All messaging is in the cloud on our provider’s servers, you only need a phone, not a PBX.

VOIP phone service includes 48 state free long distance and extremely competitive international plans. Most of our business customers use our internet service, so there is no pointing fingers if something is not working between different companies, we are the total solution provider, one vendor, with bundled price savings.

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