Business Services

We offer the same bandwidth services as Cox and Century Link, without the monopoly attitude. We are actually grateful for your business and treat you that way.

We kill our competitors in two important categories, CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SPEED OF DEPLOYMENT. With the monitoring systems we have in place, we actually know if a customer is having problems, before they do! This allows for proactive network management and quick problem resolution.

Also, not every business move can be planned 8 weeks ahead. When new customers call and are in a time crunch, they are amazed we can install their circuits in DAYS, not weeks.

Where would your company be if you lost internet for 3 hours! Let us provide you with a back-up connection to avoid this catastrophe. Your company probably has insurance for many potential problems, WHY NOT INSURE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION? Contact us to learn more about back-up connections.

Please give us a call before you sign that long term, one sided contract with Cox or Century Link.

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